Hewlett Packard Enterprise sets a new direction in critical storage with its platform designed for smart era

This year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced HPE Primera, a new storage platform designed to be as simple, accesible and eficient as possible for mission-critical applications.

IT  storage infrastructure is an increasingly important investment for companies that they rely on today to support their future business. In addition to increasing the demands on applications and without unnecessary effort, it should only help in the future.

With the announcement of the new HPE Primera platform, HPE gives a new dimension to data storage for critical situations, by providing exceptional simplicity, availability and performance. HPE Primera uses the most advanced "AI" platform in the industry - HPE InfoSight - to bring significant benefits, including 93% savings in time spent managing your storage or the ability to anticipate problems and prevent them from occurring or increase application performance.

Unique ownership of top storage space

Everyone is tired of dealing with the unpleasant surprises that backup brings - unplanned downtime, installing updates, pricing for each feature, and tracking marketing claims to make sure they are really true. HPE brings radically easier data storage without unnecessary worries. A solution that doesn't need to be changed, even if your business will grow in the future. With HPE Primera Timeless Storage and HPE Technology Refresh Service, you get "all-flash" ownership, which means guaranteed protection against disruptive system-wide updates.

  • 100% guarantee of availability
  • No need to redesign IT infrastructure
  • All-inclusive software
  • Online updates
  • HPE guarantee of more storage

HPE Technology Recovery Service

HPE Primera Timeless Storage offers you the opportunity to sign up for a new HPE recovery service with your new all-flash suite, based on flexible support services from HPE Pointnext - HPE Proactive Care Service, HPE Proactive Care Advanced Service or HPE Datacenter Care Service. If you subscribe to an HPE technology update with your HPE Primera all-flash kit, HPE will protect your investment in the HPE Primera system by providing you with uninterrupted renewal technology every three years. This means that you get system updates to the latest available technologies, which include all the necessary support hardware and software installed with zero interruption. Not only can this maintain predictable data backup costs and eliminate periodic backup purchase cycles, but you can eliminate costly data copying and replacement forever.

No need to redesign IT infrastructure

With HPE Recovery, you can forget about costly and disruptive "rip-and-replace" platform cycles. HPE Primera sets grow easily with business. The value of flash storage is protected by simple hardware and software innovations - along with continuous growth in the performance and capacity of the entire portfolio.

HPE Technology Refresh Service not only reduces your total storage ownership costs, but also brings predictable storage costs and alleviates concerns about technology obsolescence. You get an easy way to update to increase your resources. Get rid of traditional regular storage purchases to maintain modern backups, even without the need for a complete overhaul of your IT infrastructure.

100% availability guarantee

Application uptime is more important today than ever before. Losing access to data means wasting time and money. You need high-availability storage that ensures your application uptime for critical situations. You need storage that eliminates unexpected events. If you do not have 100% of the resources, Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help you resolve the issue and provide the funds to purchase HPE Primera products.

All-inclusive software

Unlock the full potential of HPE Primera using the all-incluse SW licensing structure. Get access to all operating system features and enhancements, including HPE InfoSight, at no additional cost.

HPE guarantee of more storage 

HPE Primera's compact technologies change the economy and help you make the most of your system's flash capacity while improving media life. Store more data per terabyte of data and get more for less, with better overall performance with HPE.

Get unlimited value from your all-flash investment

HPE Primera timeless storage transforms the future of storage ownership. You don't have to worry about buying, managing and upgrading your storage systems or rebuilding your entire IT infrastructure. Now you can focus on driving innovation to steer your business forward.

HPE Primera can be ordered from August 2019.

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